ONE Championship will play huge role in Philippine ESports

By ABS-CBN Sports on Sep 17, 2019 09:44 AM

“ONE will play a very huge role in it because they command such respect.” - Ralph Llabares, Bren ESports

With its entry into Esports, ONE Championship is set to play a gigantic role in the Philippines newest sport according to Ralph Llabres of the Southeast Asian team Bren Esports.

In a country filled with passionate gamers and Esports supporters, Llabres is convinced that it is just a matter of time before the Philippines finds its poster person in professional gaming.

 And he expects ONE Championship to play a key role in finding him or her. 

 "For me, Esports is still in its infancy here in the Philippines. It’s only beginning to boom,” Llabres said. “I feel like it will take years until it matures, until we produce a recognizable figure in the sport.” 

“Before, we had household names in the [Philippine Basketball Association], we had Efren Reyes, and then Manny Pacquiao. Once we produce champions, only then will it start to open up,” he added.

Being a professional Esports player is tougher than it looks. It goes beyond sitting in front of a computer for countless hours playing games. Other than the desire, aspiring gamers should also have uncompromising discipline.

Llabres likened the approach to how World Champions in The Home Of Martial Arts prepare for their match-ups. 

"Traditional sports will be a standard to follow. We have athletes like Team Lakay and we see how they train relentlessly,” Llabres continued. 

“I think the approach in Esports should be the same. We need discipline. I think we can produce players who can turn out to be geniuses, but I believe finding someone to guide them is as important.” 

A Filipino star in Esports and ONE Championship? The combination would be the perfect formula to elevate Esports to new heights says Llabres.

 “The fact that ONE made its entry in this industry is a huge thing. Filipinos are already accustomed to ONE – that’s because of the recent success of our athletes in it,” Llabres said.

"From Brandon Vera to Team Lakay, you can really feel the influence of ONE in the Philippines. If we produce a champion in the first tournament of ONE, I feel like Esports will be exploding more.” 

 While Llabres stated that Esports still has a long way to go – despite having millions of followers – the industry may peak sooner because of ONE. 

“ONE will play a very huge role in it because they command such respect.”

ONE Championship will promote Esports in the week-long celebration of ONE: CENTURY in Tokyo, Japan. 

The ONE Tekken Tokyo Invitational is scheduled for 5 October while the ONE Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Tokyo Invitational takes place on 6 October. 

They will then hold their first DOTA event with ONE DOTA 2 WORLD PRO INVITATIONAL from 20 to 22 December at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

With powerhouses such as PSG.LGD and Team Secret, the show is already turning out to be one of the biggest Esports events in Asian history.

On 13 October, The Home Of Martial Arts brings fans 28 World Champions, four World Title bouts, three World Grand Prix Championship Finals, and four World Champion versus World Champion match-ups in the historic ONE: CENTURY at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.

 Download the ONE Super App to catch the action live and for free. 


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