Much To Learn For Honorio Banario As He Adjusts To Married Life

By ABS-CBN Sports on May 30, 2019 02:51 PM

“I am still a white belt when it comes to being a married man. I’m a novice, I still have a lot to learn,” - Honorio Banario

Former ONE Featherweight World Champion Honorio "The Rock" Banario used to have a worry free daily routine.  


He would wake up in the morning, make coffee, head to the gym for training, go home then rest his body for the next workout in the afternoon.


But all of that changed last April when he finally married his longtime girlfriend Jessica after eight years of being in a relationship.


Banario is not complaining though.


“Now that I’m married, there are a lot of adjustments - you have to be with her all the time,” shared Banario.


“I have to manage my time because she’s working as a nurse in a hospital. When I wake up earlier than her, I have to be careful not waking her up cause I want her to get a full rest.”


The challenge now for Banario is finding a balance between being a husband and a professional mixed martial artist. He’s just thankful that he’s with someone who totally understand his profession and passion.


The compromise for Banario? Simple. It’s all about being open to his wife.


“There should always be a balance between training time and family time. I’m happy she understands my situation," said the Mankayan, Benguet native.


“Now I tell her in advance if I’m going to be late. I always keep her in the loop so she just knows what I am doing.”


But the life-changing events for Banario does not stop there. The 29-year old Team Lakay standout revealed that they are already expecting their first child.


He knows it’s gonna be harder when his first child comes - but he is more excited for it.


“My wife has been pregnant for six months. I know it’s gonna be harder when the baby comes,” said Banario.


“When we are working, we haven’t spent as much time together as we want to. Her work is a bit far because it’s in the province,” said Banario.


“Hopefully when the baby comes out, we’ll spend more time together.”


Banario has always been eager to learn all his life. Just like his skills in mixed martial arts, he admits that there are still plenty more to learn and improve as a married man.


With perseverance and willingness to learn, Banario can already smell the taste of victory in the years to come.


“I am still a white belt when it comes to being a married man. I’m a novice, I still have a lot to learn,” said Banario.


“But I see myself in five to ten years as successful and happily married. Maybe we’ll have three children, I’m gonna start training them early and we’ll be really happy.”                                    

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