Pre-fight meals at The Secret Shop is a Team Lakay tradition in Manila

By ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 29, 2019 10:31 AM

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Belingon on Instagram)

Right before a big match in Manila, it has been a long standing tradition for Team Lakay to load up with their favorite meals - prepared by their favorite chef. 


It is something that they certainly will not be missing this week entering ONE: DAWN OF HEROES


The rock stars of the highlands can be found munching on their favorite dishes at the Secret Shop, owned by martial arts practitioner Bryce Vestre. 


Given that his shop does not have a menu, athletes from Team Lakay get to ask for the food that they are craving, which Vestre then prepares. 


“Every fighter of Team Lakay has their own request,” Vestre shared. 


“(Eduard) Folayang’s favorite is Adobo. Every time he has a fight, that’s his request. (Joshua) Pacio likes his soup, mostly Bulalo and white rice. (Geje) Eustaquio, (Honorio) Banario, and (Edward) Kelly they all love their seafood while Kevin (Belingon) isn’t really picky about his food.” 


Asked how Team Lakay became regulars, it all began when the boys started requesting soup, something that Vestre did not offer. 


But his new customers would not go home without getting what they wanted, so Vestre made sure they got it. 


“In their first meal here, I served everything. It had meat, seafood, chicken, and vegetables,” Vestre shared. 


“Normally, I don’t offer soup, but they requested Bulalo and Sinigang so I gave it to them.”


It may not mean much to some, but for Vestre - it is a job that he will be doing for as long as he is asked. 


Being a fan and a practitioner of martial arts, he was not going to let this opportunity pass. 


“It’s a great feeling when they’re thanking you, but it’s not just me, a lot of people are helping out,”  Vestre said. 


“For me, it’s the least I can do. I’m not hoping to be recognized, but if you get to help out your heroes through food, then that’s a great feeling in itself.” 



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