PBA: Arwind's signature Spider-Man dunk now merits a technical foul

By Paul Lintag on Jan 15, 2019 06:29 PM

Arwind's Spider-Man dunk will be sorely missed.

Say good bye to the Spider-Man dunk.

The PBA is putting its foot down and is now prohibiting any player from hanging on to the rim for too long after a made dunk.

"A player who hangs onto the rim after a dunk and places either or both of his feet onto the backboard, shall be assessed with an unsportsmanlike technical foul," a league memo sent to all teams Tuesday read.

Literally only one player in the PBA does that and while the subject of the memo reads "Monkey Ride," it might as well be called the "Arwind Santos rule."

League Commissioner Willie Marcial confirmed the development to ABS-CBN Sports via text message Tuesday.

According to the memo however, a player may hang on to the rim after a dunk to "prevent injury to himself or another player." Also, players can hang momentarily after a dunk and obvious calls should be spotted by officials with ease.

Arwind's Spider-Man dunk will be sorely missed.



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