The Journey to a More Active Lifestyle: How To Stay On Track

By ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 30, 2019 10:06 AM

These tips will make sure you're on track to achieve your fitness goals!

Half a year has passed. How’s your fitness resolution going so far?

Some managed to stay on track with their health and wellness journey, while it’s been a tough ride for others. But quitting should never be an option—if you’re still serious in keeping your body in tip-top shape. Need an extra push to keep on moving? These tips won’t let you down. 

Identify your motivation -  Are you trying to lose weight? Aiming to tone and strengthen your muscles? Or maybe, you’re just looking for a new recreational activity? Define your real purpose. Let it serve as your guide and motivation to work harder. Nothing can stop you once you’re fully determined to reach your goal.

Find new fitness activities that suit your style - Stop signing up for ‘trendy’ workouts. Or joining fitness classes because your friends are hooked on these activities. It’s okay to explore your options. But stick with the one that you really enjoy the most. Want to master combat sports? Game. Interested in circuit training? Give it a go. Aiming to develop your coordination and mental concentration? Try parkour classes. If you enjoy what you’re doing, it will keep you going—no matter how challenging each session gets. 

Plan your workouts - ‘It’s too early’. ‘It’s too late’. ‘It’s raining’. ‘I forgot my gym clothes and training gears’. Schedule your exercise ahead of time so you wouldn’t have to use these excuses. Train during the time that works best for you—consider if you’re a morning or night person. Download a weather app so the rain couldn’t bother you from your run. Pack your gym essentials hours before your training. Stop skipping your workout by eliminating all these possible scenarios.

Surround yourself with people who will inspire you to keep going -  It will take time to see real progress. And the last thing you need to hear are discouraging remarks from others. Like people telling you to quit because ‘nothing’s happening, you look the same’. Get away from the toxicity and surround yourself with ‘cheerleaders’. Those people who will push you to go further—because you can. And you should. If they could also be your gym buddies, the better. That way, you’ll be able to bring each other up—whenever the other person feels like surrendering. 

Choose gym essentials that work as hard as you do - From activewear, sports shoes, up to your fitness hygiene kit. Your exercise essentials affect your performance. Just imagine wearing sportswear that doesn’t provide ample support and training shoes that don’t aid in shock absorption. Or using gym essentials that don’t keep you from being hulas (aka smelly + sweaty!) throughout your workout. 

Stop settling for whatever is available and start choosing quality over anything else - Double-check your activewear’s description. See if it has all the features and protection you need. And if you want to avoid leaving sweat and odor protection up to chamba, include Rexona deo-lotion in your hygiene kit. 

Rexona has MotionSense technology that offers motion-activated protection from sweat and odor. The more you move, the more it works—and its freshness lasts up to 48 hours, too. So, if you’re someone who hates excessive perspiration during workouts, Rexona will be a real life-saver for you. Don’t worry, this one wouldn’t take much space in your bag since it comes in a sachet variant. Cool (literally and figuratively), huh? 

Half a year has passed. That’s a gentle reminder of how far you’ve already come, and how far you have to go. Keep on moving. Keep on working on yourself. You got this. 




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