Chef Kobe practices Mamba Mentality even in the kitchen

Paul Lintag on Jun 27, 2016 01:38 PM
Chef Kobe practices Mamba Mentality even in the kitchen
Mamba Mentality on and off the court.

Now that he's done with basketball, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is taking his Mamba Mentality off of it.

And the primary setting for his quest to be the best version of himself may not be in his office at the Kobe Inc., but at his home in Newport Beach, California.

Some of the tasks he takes very seriously will be done in the kitchen.

Tasks that would require him to channel his inner Italian.

After explaining what Mamba Mentality is during his latest visit to the Philippines, Kobe said that Mamba Mentality is not just about trying to win championships on the court.

"The other day at the house, my kids wanted me to make lasagna," Kobe narrated.

So naturally, Bryant brought out the Mamba Mentality in making the dish that traces its origins to Italy.

"So when I'm making the lasagna, it must be the best lasagna that I can possibly make," Kobe said. "It went from don't burn the house down to let's make this the best lasagna that I could possibly make."

"Attention to every little detail, measure everything exactly right," he added.



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