Pringle on first-ever ejection: ‘I felt like a criminal’

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Dec 21, 2016 10:41 PM
Pringle on first-ever ejection: ‘I felt like a criminal’
FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING. Stanley Pringle got ejected for the first time in his career.

It was a historic night for Stanley Pringle on Wednesday at the San Juan Arena.

Only, the Globalport guard wasn’t that proud of it.

“I felt bad, I felt like a criminal,” he expressed to reporters post-game.

The third-year Batang Pier was ejected at the 2:21 mark of the third quarter of their matchup with Blackwater.

Contesting a three-pointer by Mac Belo, Pringle’s foot was caught by referees to be in the landing spot. That came in the same quarter where he inadvertently elbowed Art Dela Cruz.

With two flagrant fouls, the 27-year-old was forced back to the locker room. It was the first ejection in his career, if he is to believed.

“First time I ever got ejected in my life,” he shared.

Getting ejected was so alien to Pringle that he didn’t know what to do afterward. As he shared, “The second flagrant happened and I was like, ‘Man, three shots (for Belo).’ And they were like, ‘No, you’re ejected.’ And I said, ‘Woah, ejected.’”

He then continued, “I went ahead to sit down (on the bench), they were like, ‘No, you have to leave the gym.’ I was like, ‘Oh man!’”

The former first overal pick in the draft was quick to clarify, however, that he held no grudge against the referees. “Referees just doing their job. Both were accidental though, but sometimes, ball rolls like that,” he said.


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