Lime green was the color of Gabe Norwood's worst Christmas gift

Paul Lintag on Dec 24, 2016 01:24 PM
Lime green was the color of Norwood's worst Christmas gift
Gabe Norwood's worst Christmas gift was so bad it stands out to this day.

While green may be one of the two official colors of Christmas, one particular shade evokes some bad memories for Rain or Shine and Gilas Pilipinas veteran Gabe Norwood.

No, it's not the Grinch.

Apparently, growing up, Gabe received a pair of some good old matching sweats from an aunt... in lime green.

Oh and the shade of green is not even the worst part.

"Probably the worst gift was one of my titas gave me like an old pair, it seemed like a hand-me-down matching pair of sweats," Norwood told ABS-CBN Sports, recalling the horror haul of that particular Christmas.

"It was like a full size too small I couldn't even wear it. I think it was like lime green. Terrible. Stands out to this day," he added, laughing at the fact that he was actually made to remember about it.

Despite trying to fit himself to lime green wardrobe back in the day, Norwood's childhood did include some great memories of the holidays.

Those memories include toys of course.

"My best gift, I remember when I was a kid, we had a really super old school, if you look it up on the internet, it's like an electronic football machine," Norwood said.

"All it does is basically you set up all the players and you turn on a switch and the whole thing vibrates. Think about it now and it's completely boring but we thought it was the coolest thing ever," the two-time PBA champion added.

Ah, childhood.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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