Cabagnot skips surgery to try and win Philippine Cup

Paul Lintag on Jan 06, 2017 10:53 PM
Cabagnot skips surgery to try and win Philippine Cup
Alex Cabagnot, who suffered a fractured nose late last year, is sporting a facial mask as a compromise with his doctor while trying to help the Beermen win a third straight Philippine Cup title.

The Philippine Cup is just so big of prize that there are certain things you let go while you go out trying to win it.

Certian things like getting your broken nose fixed.

Suffering a fractured nose on the last game of 2016, San Miguel's Alex Cabagnot has postponed surgery because having it means that he's going to miss the rest of the Philippine Cup.

With the Beermen trying to become only the second PBA team to win three straight All-Filipino crowns, the veteran point guard is risking it.

"Actually it does [need surgery] but if I do surgery it would take six weeks [recovery] so I'll miss [the rest of Philippine Cup]. I'm just gonna suck it up and wait it out," Cabagnot said Friday in San Miguel's impressive win over Blackwater to start the new year.

He finished with 14 points, nine rebounds, three assists, and two steals with 27 and a half minutes of play.

Playing with a broken nose, Cabagnot had to wear a facial mask in order to play. It was the compromise he made with his doctor after deciding to postpone surgery for a couple of weeks.

"It's actually doctor's orders. I would love to take it off but I can't. That's the deal we made, I have to wear a mask and I can play or I don't wear a mask and I don't play," Cabagnot said.

"It's still a little bit swollen, I got hit a couple times but hopefully it can, I just have to ice it. It's still fractured but we'll try to work through it, no excuses," he added.

While he doesn't plan to miss any time in the Philippine Cup, Cabagnot is likely to miss the start of the Commissioner's Cup as he has to do surgery to fix his nose.

His injury is going to heal over time but it will take some procedure to make it normal and good as new.

"It's fractured so there's nothing I can do about it. It's gonna heal pero it's still gonna be displaced. Parang kailangan ko lang i-tyaga, tyaga lang ng konti," Cabagnot said.

"We're in the middle of the season now and there are certain things you gotta do and you gotta take care of. Put the priorities at hand first," he added.


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