Alab coach Cuan leaves Kaohsiung right after game to be with newborn son

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jan 08, 2017 06:32 PM
Cuan leaves Kaohsiung right after game to be with newborn
WHAT'S HAPPENING. Alab coach Mac Cuan will go home to Manila a winner and, more importantly, a new father. (Photos courtesy of Mac Cuan)

Alab Pilipinas head coach Mac Cuan and wife Blenda welcomed into the world a baby boy last Friday.

And Cuan got right into pouring out all of his love for his firstborn.

So much so that he didn’t even get to sleep.

(Cuan's caption read: This is how i spent my first sleepless night with my little angel... Was just stalking him all night and took pictures to document everything📷 Daro Michael was born 9:05pm, Normal Delivery and i was teary eyed when i first held him in my arms. Sharing with all of you some moments i had with my son as we do things and share things for the very first time last night👶❤💕👦)

Unfortunately for the first-time daddy, he had to leave son Daro Michael because he and Alab had a matchup with Kaohsiung in Taiwan. “It’s one of the hardest things I had to do. ‘Di pala biro yun at ang bigat sa dibdib,” he shared.

(Cuan's caption read: Breaks my heart that i have to leave them when i know they need me to be there but i have a job to do and it means travelling all the way to Kaohsiung Taiwan✈🚌 i'll see you again the soonest possible Daro❤ Let's take care of business now @alabpilipinas so we can go back home)

As such, it was a good thing Alab saw to it that their mentor’s time away from his beloved son was worthwhile.

(Cuan's caption read: Left my new born for this...😣😩 waiting game is real😂 Currently waiting to take a 4hour bus ride to Kaohsiung at 3am.. and ive been here since 130am.. Nice!)

Alab had their coach's back as Ray Parks Jr. and Sampson Carter both stuffed the stat sheet to handle the Truth all right and once more go over .500.

Of course, Cuan won’t have much time to celebrate Alab’s third win because he will go ahead of his wards and make his way back to the Philippines.

Right after the game ended, the coach already prepared for the four-hour bus ride from Kaohsiung to Taipei.

Yes, the trip takes that long and Cuan expects to be at the airport just in time for the 1:00 AM flight to Manila.

From there, little Daro won’t have to wait long to see his daddy again.

Congratulations Alab Pilipinas.

But more importantly, congratulations to the Cuans!


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