Aces played with fire and they got burned

Paul Lintag on Jan 15, 2017 08:53 PM
Aces played with fire and they got burned
"We played with fire, we got burned,." --- Alaska head coach Alex Compton on the Aces' narrow loss to Blackwater.

With a shocking loss to Blackwater that momentarily derailed their chase for a top-2 spot in the playoffs, Alaska head coach Alex Compton is first to admit that his team may have failed to give the Elite their proper due Sunday.

And that obviously hurt them a lot.

"We played with fire, we got burned," Compton said after a 100-103 loss. "I was watching the Doc Rivers interview last month, and I think it's approriate: If you don't respect the game, it's gonna disrespect you right back."

The defeat put the Aces back up to .500 with an even 4-4 record, tied with at least two teams as of posting time.

With the Philippine Cup standings coming down to the quotient system if multiple teams end up with the same record, Alaska might get blindsided again.

"This thing could play out: We could not make the playoffs [and] we could still technically end up at second," he said, outlining just how wild the playoff race may wind up.

But with three games left still, Compton is banking on his team learning its lesson and not let opportunity slip away. They haven't learned their lesson yet as of Sunday.

"We know from our past experiences, the last two All-Filipinos, we got the twice to beat, it's very helpful," Compton said.

"We lost four games last conference by a total of 12 points. So it means, we haven't got the lesson well enough yet," he added, going back to the fact that the Aces were slapped with a twice-to-beat disadvantage in the quarterfinals due inferior quotient despite being tied for the third-best record in the league. "How we respond is what I'll be most interested in."



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