Whatever you do, don't call Alex Cabagnot "Arrow"

Paul Lintag on Feb 10, 2017 11:01 PM
Whatever you do, don't call Alex Cabagnot
"I'm not the Arrow or whoever you call me. That's so lame. It's yuck." --- Alex Cabagnot.

Apparently, TNT took offense in Alex Cabagnot's Archer gesture in San Miguel's 98-94 win over the KaTropa last January 28 in Antipolo City.

Well, Cabagnot found out about it and maintains that his actions were in no way malicious.

After all, if you think about it, that game at the Ynares Center meant absolutely nothing for the Beermen who already wrapped up the no. 1 seed weeks prior.

Cabagnot, together with teammate Gabby Espinas, the brainchild of the celebration in question, just wanted to have fun.

Well, TNT didn't exactly like it and after scoring a Game 2 win in their best-of-7 semifinal series, the KaTropa let their feelings out.

Cabagnot couldn't care less and says he's not doing it anymore. Play time is over for him.

"That was a no bearing game for us. Gabby and I were working on some stuff. Serious time right now. I haven't done it. It's the second game [of the semis] and I'm not going to do it," Cabagnot said who still ended up with 24 points in the loss to TNT. He's averaging 22 points so far in this series.

With Cabagnot abandoning his celebration in favor of San Miguel's title chase, the crafty point guard would appreciate if people don't call him Arrow or whatever nickname anymore.

Seriously, just don't do it.

"I'm not the Arrow or whoever you call me. That's so lame. It's yuck. I don't hear you call Beau Belga the Shotgun Barrel, I don't know. The biggest thing about that situation is I made the shot. People forget that I made the shot," he said.

One thing Cabagnot will not stop doing though is make clutch baskets for San Miguel. He did it again in Game 2, tying the game at 80-all with a booming triple with 3:25 to go. Too bad he didn't had the opportunity for another basket in the last 30 seconds though, that's because TNT denied him already.

But still.

"When it comes down to it, I know that opportunities are going to come again and God's going to be good to me and He's going to grace me with his blessing," Cabagnot said.



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