So who in the world is Kobe Paras?

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 15, 2017 06:23 PM
So who in the world is Kobe Paras?

So who in the world is Kobe Paras?

In the Philippines, we know all about him. Well, the United States of America is slowly finding out just who on Earth is Kobe Paras.

Paras was just recently featured on a sort of a profile by Fox Sports. There, Kobe, together with some of his teammates at Creighton University and his high school coach, talked about everything including his insane popularity and on whether or not he dunked on LeBron James.

Kobe also talked about his basketball journey to America and why he felt he needed to go to the States because he didn't want things being handed to him in the Philippines just because his last name was Paras.

While Paras has yet to make his mark in the US NCAA Division 1 as a freshman Bluejay, the short glimpse on his life inside Creighton is a reminder that the Philippines should have a star in the making.

Maybe in the future, when you still ask who in the world is Kobe Paras, then you'll be considered out of touch.

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