JDV knows he can do better against ‘best player’ Fajardo

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Mar 01, 2017 10:56 PM
JDV knows he can do better against ‘best player’ Fajardo
TRY AND TRY. Joe Devance's foot injury is only getting better and better - just in time for him to keep banging bodies with June Mar Fajardo.

Joe Devance drew the short end of the stick among Ginebra’s frontcourt players.

The 35-year-old, six-foot-seven forward has been tasked to defend the 27-year-old, six-foot-11 June Mar Fajardo.

Still, Devance, like he always has been, is not one to back down from the challenge. “I’m just trying my best and just doing what I can. That’s all I could really do against the best player in the league,” he said.

Yes, we haven’t even mentioned that Fajardo is the reigning three-time MVP of the league.

Still, the 10-year veteran was quick to remind that the tall task isn’t for him alone to face. As he put it, “I’m just relying on my teammates. It’s not just me.”

He was quicker to admit, however, “But he had a great game today. I gotta do a better job next game.”

Fajardo finished with a 17-point, 18-rebound double-double to help San Miguel move onto a 2-1 lead in the race-to-four Finals.

The good news is that Devance’s foot injury is only getting better and better. “It’s getting better. I only got one shot (of injection) today and even last game, I only got one shot,” he shared.

He then continued, “Next game, I might try to not take a shot and see how that goes. But it’s definitely getting better.”


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