Cabagnot had no idea Ross and Cone nearly came to blows

Paul Lintag on Mar 02, 2017 09:18 AM
Cabagnot had no idea Ross and Cone nearly came to blows
"I really didn't know what happened." --- Alex Cabagnot.

Chris Ross and Tim Cone had a little thing a the end of Game 3 of the Philippine Cup Finals over Ross' late three-point shot.

The Ginebra camp felt it was disrepectful. Ross denies he did anything wrong.

Alex Cabagnot, Ross' backcourt partner, practically had no idea what happened. He was too busy doing his own thing to notice.

"Know what, I was so tired. I jumped straight to the shower with my uniform on, and I've been doing that because you know I just wanted to get out of sweaty clothes and stuff like that, so I really didn't know what happened," clearing his side on why he had no idea his teammate also had a confrontation with the opposing coach.

"I just heard a bunch of stuff pero sobrang pagod ko na eh, so di ko na pinakialaman yun," he added.

More than not caring on that post-game commotion though, Cabagnot is more concerned on how to stop Ginebra knowing that the Gin Kings have the capacity to jump on them at any given time.

Ginebra did it in Game 3 actually, taking a 12-point lead early before the Beermen settled down and won the game behing defense late in the fourth quarter.

"I'm glad we made stops. It's very important, very imperative to us to continue making stops," Cabagnot said.

"That's how we know we're playing to our potential win, we start buckling down and making stops in the end game," he added.



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