Graduation comes first before All-Star Game for DLSU-bound Mallillin

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Mar 28, 2017 06:19 PM
Graduation comes first before All-Star Game for Mallillin
FINISHER. Troy Mallilin was, let's just say, fashionably late for the 2017 SLAM Rising Stars.

Troy Mallillin will be moving on up for De La Salle University.

That much was official following his graduation from LS Greenhills last Sunday.
A graduation, as it turns out, that not even the annual showcase of the best of the best young talent can do anything about.

The NCAA MVP was nowhere to be seen at the onset of the 2017 SLAM Rising Stars at the Gatorade Hoops Center in Mandaluyong last Sunday.

And his reason was more than valid. “They were raring to play, but they had graduation in LSGH,” event head Migs Rocha said.

He then continued, “But right after, they went straight to Gatorade Hoops Center to suit up.”

Mallillin and his batchmates formally graduated from LS Greenhills late Sunday afternoon. As such, with tip-off at 6:00 PM, he was not there to start the All-Star Game.

The DLSU-bound forward was there to finish it, however, and posted nine points and eight rebounds in just 13 minutes on the floor.

Indeed, the all-out effort Mallillin has been known for was in full effect as he brought back Team Punks into a competitive contest with Team Hype.

The fresh graduate and the rest of his teammates fell short in the end, but still, he did nothing but impress with his showing. As opposing coach Joe Silva put it, “Troy Mallillin is one of the best players in this rookie class. As he showed (in SLAM Rising Stars), he may even in the top three.”


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