Paul George's new sig gets the job done in style

Santino Honasan on Mar 28, 2017 01:17 PM
Paul George's new sig gets the job done in style
"With the right color blocking and accents, the shoe can be a real looker, on-court and off"

After getting to put the new Nike Paul George 1 through a couple of training sessions and a few pickup games, I think I've been able to gather all the impressions that I need to put together a little performance review. 

So here goes! (Again, I am in no way, shape, or form a professional baller. I am however, a consumer that can put together words and sentences, just like you!)

I've decided to highlight four simple things that most people look for when buying on-court sneakers, namely STYLE, FIT, TRACTION, and WEIGHT. 




Full court ferocity. Introducing the PG1, available now in SNKRS. #PaulGeorge #PG1 #NikeBasketball

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The Nike PG 1 is in the running for one of the year's best signature sneakers, and a lot of it has to do with the shoe's look. 

According to Nike, the shoe took cues from PG's favourite lifestyle sneaker, the Zoom Stefan Janoski, and it shows. 

Low cut and slender, there isn't too much going on in terms of the PG1's design, which is exactly why I like it. With the right color blocking and accents, the shoe can be a real looker, on-court and off. Just check out some of the player exclusive colors of the PG1. My goodness. 




STAY STRAPPED. No loose footing with these babies. #PG1 #FullCourtFerocity #ComeOutofNowhere

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I've gotten to play in a lot of sneakers over the years, and the PG1 is right up there with some of the best in terms of fit. While it does start out a bit snug (I suggest going at least a half-size up), it eventually adjusts gives you a nice, comfy "hug" that minimizes the unnecessary movement of the foot inside the shoe, perfect for those sudden changes in speed and direction. As a fellow writer said, the shoe becomes one with the foot. 

The PG 1 also makes us of a forefoot strap that actually does the job in terms of securing the fit. 



One of the PG 1's best features is the its traction. I've put the shoe through runs on cement and hardwood floors, and the traction held through. No slipping, but also no holding back the movement. If you're a shifty swingman like the sig owner himself, this pair's perfect for you. Unlike some models that have recently come out using smoother sole patterns, the PG 1 has made sure that grip won't be a problem. 




Started the day right. One more to go. #PG1 #FullCourtFerocity #ComeOutofNowhere

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The PG 1 isn't the lightest shoe in the market, but that's okay. In fact, it's good. As I alluded to in the style part, the PG 1 is a low cut model and is far from being bulky, which definitely cuts the weight down. The solid midsole and traction are what make the PG 1 a little heavier than others, but it provides the right pull, especially on court. 


All in all, the Nike PG 1 is definitely a complete package in terms of style and performance. Just like PG's game, his signatue shoe is both effective and eye-catching. 

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