After months on road, daddy Mac Cuan finally gets to be with first baby

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Apr 13, 2017 12:51 PM
Daddy Mac Cuan finally gets to be with first baby
PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Mac Can can finally spend most of his time with two-month old firstborn Daro. (Photos courtesy of Mac Cuan)

Mac Cuan and wife Blenda welcomed into the world their first baby last January 7.

A day after, however, the first-time father had to travel to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to coach for Alab Pilipinas in the 2016-2017 Asean Basketball League.

And as the season went on, so was Cuan forced to spend much time away from his firstborn Daro Michael.

Now that the Filipinos’ campaign has come to a close, however, the 38-year-old can focus full-time on his baby boy.

He did just that two days after Alab’s last game as he and his family went on vacation.

“I’m glad I agreed to this impromptu vacation Blenda asked for after our season ended. Was never a beach person, but this is the first time I really enjoyed the water because all I see are happy smiles from my newborn and wife.”

“Seeing them happy and having fun is something I try to achieve every single day. The past few days have just been a father and husband’s dream. I’m glad to have done this right after our season ended. It’s been good therapy also.”

“Time to reflect, forget, recharge, and enjoy. Reflect on my first-ever head coaching job and the season we had. Forget the struggles, but not the lessons. Rest up physically, but more importantly, mentally. Recharge so that when I get back at it again, I’m mentally fresh. The most important thing is, enjoy the time off to be with my family and finally get to enjoy my newborn.”

Indeed, as it turns out, the Philippines’ early exit has a silver lining for Cuan. “Well, there’s a sense of relief kasi yun nga, I get to spend more time with my baby,” he expressed after Game 2 last Friday.

He was also quick to add, however, “Pero if given a choice, I’d still want to play Game 3.”

Nonetheless, the vacation and, more importantly, the quality time with family is well-deserved by the mentor who gave it his all in his first go-round as main shot-caller. “Sinasabi nga nila dati, kapag head coach ka na, tatanda ka. Dumami nga yung putting buhok ko,” he said while laughing.

He then continued, “Pero masayang stress naman lahat yun.”

Go and de-stress with your wife and your baby boy, coach Mac! You deserve it.


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