Why Team Kramer won't bother going to the movies

Paul Lintag on Apr 13, 2017 02:34 PM
Why Team Kramer won't bother going to the movies
Doug Kramer built him and his family an entire movie room in their house and so they don't typically watch movies in the cinema like us muggles.

2017 has been an incredible time to be a movie fan.

Not only did Philippine cinema experienced a revival or sorts starting with the recent Metro Manila Film Festival, it seems like Hollywood is on a mission to take all of our money by dropping blockbuster after blockbuster... after blockbuster and it's only April.

Beauty and the Beast, Logan, Power Rangers, and the new King Kong movie are just some of the more popular ones that already released.

Equally popular ones like the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and the new Star Wars movie are also all set to come out this year.

All should be great, and Team Kramer will probably not watch all of them.

At least not right away.

You see, Doug Kramer built him and his family an entire movie room in their house and so they don't typically watch movies in the cinema like us muggles.

"That's my design, I designed all of that," Kramer told ABS-CBN Sports about his dedicated movie room built a couple of years ago that went with their home.

"I'm a movie enthusiast," the former Ateneo Blue Eagle and current Phoenix Fuel Master explained. "I love watching movies. I love speakers so when we built our house in 2012, I needed to have a dedicated home theater."

Notice the word "need" Doug used when talking about his personal home theather. As a self-proclaimed movie buff, you know he's pretty serious when he actually needed to have one built into his house.

And the finished product is pretty serious all right. It basically has everything an actual cinema also has, which makes the decision of skipping the mall easier.

"No windows, sound proof, and then with a projector. My screen at home is 136-inch widescreen with a 9.2 system surround sound," the patriarch of Team Kramer said in describing his movie room.

"I wanted to conceptualize a really nice home theater where it will be even better than the cinemas in the malls. I think I achieved that."

"Everytime there's new movie in the cinema we rarely watch it, what we do is we wait for it to come out on Amazon and then I order the Blu-ray copy. And then we watch at home," he added.



Okay, technically, Doug Kramer still uses Netflix, but Team Kramer only uses these streaming platforms for movies they don't want to keep.

Doug has an insane Blu-ray collection, but he's still reasonable and will not go out and buy everything. Does that make enough sense? Of course it does.

"Netflix, those are the movies we watch na I don't wanna collect the movie," Kramer explains.

"Yung mga Blu-rays na I collect, yun yung mga movies na paulit-ulit namin pinapanood," he added.



Doug Kramer enjoys movies, that much is already established. But now that he's a family man with a lovely wife and three kids, Doug's passion has turned into something that the entire Team Kramer can enjoy.

"It's part of my bonding with my kids, with my wife. We love watching movies at home, lounging around and then for me, a home theater is something that's part of our family. It's bonding," he said.

Depending on their schedule, Doug reveals Team Kramer uses the home theater about three times a week, watching a variety of movies along the way.

With the kids, adventure and family movies are in order. If it's a date night kind of night between Doug and his wife, rom-coms dominate the screen. If Doug wants himself some alone time, he gets to choose movies under the horror and action genre.

"I would say, depends on how busy we are. Pero I would say three times a week," Kramer said. "We've watched a lot [of movies]."

To fully comprehend Doug Kramer's dedicated home theather, Kris TV actuall paid a visit a while back. Click here to see.



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