Pinoy fans >>> Chinese fans when it comes to basketball

Paul Lintag on May 10, 2017 10:04 PM
Pinoy fans >>> Chinese fans when it comes to basketball
Andray Blatche was asked to compare Pinoy hoops fans to our Chinese counterparts. He said there was no comparison.

Before coming over to reinforce Gilas Pilipinas for hte 2017 SEABA Championships, Andray Blatche spent another season in China.

He won the Chinese Basketball Association championship with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers.

Naturally, since we have some basketball beef with the Chinese, Blatche was asked to compare which fan base is better.

You should already know what our naturalized center had to say on that topic.

"It's not even a comparison," Blatche said Wednesday when asked about the fans in the Philippines and the fans over in China.

"Fans here are way, way better than in China," he added.

Blatche based his answer on the reception the national team gets not just in its home soil but also abroad.

With Gilas Pilipinas slowly regaining its status as an Asian basketball power, fans all over have expressed their support for the team.

"Ever since I've been playing with Gilas, no matter where we're at, France, Spain, Turkey, wherever. We always have major support from the fans," Blatche said.

And with Gilas taking the court at the Big Dome for the SEABA Championships, the former Brooklyn Net expects the place to be rocking as the Philippines seek a spot in the 2017 FIBA-Asia Cup.

"I expect nothing less than than [packed crowd at the Big Dome]," he said.

Gilas Pilipinas will open its SEABA schedule Friday against Myanmar.


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