Coaches seek clarification after technical foul confusion

Paul Lintag on Jun 07, 2017 10:10 AM
Coaches seek clarification after technical foul confusion
Ginebra's Tim Cone and Globalport's Franz Pumaren both feel that they didn't deserve to get technical fouls for doing what the thought was right during an incident that marred their team's quarterfinal matchup in the 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup.

The PBA might want to clarify some things to its head coaches.

Ginebra's Tim Cone and Globalport's Franz Pumaren were both shocked Tuesday after getting violations for entering the court during a heated exchange between LA Tenorio and Terrence Romeo near the end of their quarterfinals match in the 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup.

Both coaches were given technical fouls for entering the playing court during the scuffle but both coaches argued that they were merely doing their jobs in trying to pacify their respective players.

"I didn't really see the whole scenario but I was talking to Tim Cone and we were both shocked that we were given technicals," Pumaren said as his Batang Pier wrapped up their campaign in the mid-season joust.

"As far as I know, head coaces are allowed to enter the court. We were there not to create any fight or whatever," he added.

Cone, who was been coaching in the PBA way longer than Pumaren, agreed saying that coaches are almost required to be on the court during those kinds of situations in order to diffuse any heated arguments.

"I got a technical for going on the court but for 27 years, I've always felt that a head coach can only go on the court when a fight breaks out because they can be peace makers," the 19-time PBA champion coach said post game.

"No one else can go on the court but head coaches, that's always been the rule as far as I can remember so I was shocked they gave me a [technical] for going on the floor because you want to get somebody out there with authority who will break that [fight] up," Cone added.

Both coaches were at a loss on why they got penalized in the first place.

But as far as they were concerned, what they did was what right.

"We're the only one allowed to enter just to make sure we put everything in order," Pumaren said.

"If I go out there and I start screaming at somebody or I start getting involved and going after the other guy then fine, give me a technical," Cone said.

"But not for going out to protect my players," he added.



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