Ratliffe lauds Star’s other bigs for ‘fighting with him’

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 11, 2017 10:52 AM
Ratliffe lauds Star’s other bigs for ‘fighting with him’
DOWN IN THE TRENCHES. Ricardo Ratliffe and the rest of Star's frontline stood strong against Charles Rhodes and June Mar Fajardo.

Ricardo Ratliffe was a force down low for Star in their gutsy win in Game 1 last Sunday.

The American reinforcement pounded in a big-time 26-point, 21-rebound double-double up against a San Miguel frontline featuring six-foot-eight Charles Rhodes and three-time PBA MBP June Mar Fajardo.

According to Ratliffe, he was only able to impose his will because the Hotshots’ other big men had his back. “(San Miguel) got the twin towers so I just wanna give a lot of credit to Ian (Sangalang), Rafi (Reavis), and Aldrech (Ramos) because they’re down there fighting those guys with me. Without them, it’s gonna be way harder,” he shared.

Sangalang, Reavis, and Ramos combined to 30 points and 14 rebounds, all while wrestling with Rhodes and Fajardo.

The trio’s defensive assignment on Rhodes also eased up a bit of burden from the shoulders of Ratliffe. “(Rhodes) had 34 points and whatever, but he also took 24 shots. He had a great game, but he felt the defense of Ian and Rafi and Aldrech ‘cause those guys are great defenders,” he said.

And because the Star frontline led by him is standing strong against the Beermen’s, Ratliffe said he only likes their chances of making the Finals. “We got a great coach, we got great players. We gotta adjust some things ‘cause we almost gave it away in the end,” he said.

He then continued, “But we know we could play an even better game.”

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