WALANG KAPA-KAPATID? Semerad twins show each other some brotherly love

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jul 02, 2017 10:47 PM
Semerad twins show each other some brotherly love
GOT YOU, BRO. Anthony (left) and David (right) Semerad were going at it in Game 6.

San Miguel disposed of TNT in six games to claim the championship in the 2017 PBA Commissioner’s Cup.

And at the end of it all, KaTropa Anthony Semerad was nothing but glad for Beerman David Semerad.

Yes, as if the Finals matchup between the flagship teams of the SMC and MVP groups needed any more color, it also featured a head-to-head collision between the Semerad twins.

After David’s team got the better of Anthony’s squad once and for all on Sunday, the brothers shared a moment during the awarding.

While Anthony was on the stage awaiting the runner-up plaque with the rest of TNT, he was approached by David. Asked what they told each other then, the former answered, “I was just telling him congratulations. I didn’t actually know I broke his nose so I was telling him sorry about that.”

David said the same. “We just talked about my nose and he was just saying sorry about what happened on the court. I said it’s all good,” he said.

He then continued, “Whatever happened on the court, we’re still brothers off the court.”

Just a couple of hours earlier, there seemed to be no brotherly love lost between the two.

In the first quarter of the game, Anthony lost the ball and had to fight someone for possession.

That someone? Twin David who also got a hold of the ball before forcing a jump.

In the ensuing jump, Anthony tipped the ball first, but also had his left elbow drop down on his brother’s face.

Moments later, David was down on the floor. “We did the jump and I think it was just in the moment in the game and his elbow came and hit me on the nose. It put me on the ground,” he recalled post-game.





After the incident, David did not deny that he felt ill will towards his twin. “During the game, I was a bit irritated at him,” he said.

He was quick to add, however, “But now, we’re cool, we’re cool.”

Yes, all’s well that ends well for the Semerads even if David’s nose isn’t all that well. “It’s hurting a little bit. It’s a bit crooked so I’ll have it checked tomorrow, but I think it will be fine,” he expressed.

Anthony is of the same mind. “It was just unlucky, unlucky. I didn’t even know I hit him. But off the court, everything’s normal, everything’s fine. It’s just part of the game,” he said.


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