LOOK: Ray Allen falls prey to Manila traffic

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 29, 2017 11:08 AM
LOOK: Ray Allen falls prey to Manila traffic
You're a long way from home, Ray. This is Manila. (AP)

Ray Allen may have drained the one of the most clutch game-winners in NBA Finals history, but even he can't escape Metro Manila traffic.

Following his trip to Hong Kong, the two time NBA champion with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat "ventured into the unknown," probably allured by the legend of the Philippines' love for basketball.


My first time in the thrilla #manila

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We bet he didn't expect the heavy morning traffic, though, as he witnessed the cluster of cars during his morning run.

It's a rookie mistake by the retired sharpshooter, but it comes with the territory. Aside from being greeted by the slow burn of the morning traffic, Allen will also probably experience a unique basketball odyssey only the Philippines can bring.

And honestly, wouldn't we want Ray to feel at home?

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