Embarrassing loss to Elite might be the final straw for Gavina

Paul Lintag on Sep 02, 2017 12:45 PM
Embarrassing loss to Elite is the final straw for Gavina
"The bullsh*t will be called out come next practice." --- Kia top deputy Chris Gavina.

Kia's embarassing loss to Blackwater Friday in Antipolo might just be the final straw for top deputy Chris Gavina.

The Picanto ended up losing to the Elite, 97-118, to drop to 0-8 in the 2017 PBA Governors' Cup.

Kia gave up 40 points in the first quarter alone and 70 at the break. At one point, the Picanto trailed by as many as 49 points, 37-86.

That won't cut it for Gavina.

"Slump is not the word, more like a massacre out there today," he said on the loss to Blackwater.

"The bullsh*t will be called out come next practice. All those guys who don't want to commit, pasensiya na but if these guys are putting other people's livelihood on the line including mine and I do not like being embarassed and that first half after being down 40 points, I mean I don't take anything away from Blackwater, but come on 40 points, it was just ridiculous," he added.

Gavina, who has been coaching the team since last season's Governors' Cup where they made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, said that he's been nice when it comes to handling Kia's struggles.

Well, Mr. Nice Guy has left the building.

"I'm tired of this sh*t. Bottomline, it'll always come down to me and what am I doing, am I capable of running this team," he said.

"We have guys that actually take pride in having Kia in front of their uniforms. The only way we're going to survive i nthe PBA, you got to have a level of grit to you, a persevering spirit, and you got to be willing to sacrifice yourself. I will not let us get embarrassed again because this was ridiculous tonight. I'm tired of being nice," Gavina added.



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