Fans mob the wrong "LeBron" during Strive for Greatness tour

Paul Lintag on Sep 03, 2017 04:51 PM
Fans mob the wrong
This, unfortunately, is not LeBron.

Let's just get this out of the way, Bright Akhuetie may look like a young LeBron James but he's definitely not the King.

This is LeBron.

This is NOT LeBron.

A lot of fans made this mistake Saturday at the MOA Arena during the Strive for Greatness tour 2017.

Supporters went wild and mobbed Bright as he was making his exit via the Coral way, thinking he was the King.

It almost caused a mini stampede.

Again, this is LeBron.

This, unfortunately, is not LeBron.

It seems like Bright took everything in stride though and UP's prized transferee had a big laugh about it on social media.

If Akhuetie can lead the Fighting Maroons to the Final Four though maybe the UP community might as well crown him King.



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