Delle Donne hopes upcoming wedding can help others

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Delle Donne hopes upcoming wedding can help others
This Feb. 10, 2017 file photo shows Elena Delle Donne speaking during a news conference in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

By Doug Feinberg, Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Elena Delle Donne has always tried to give back and help others over the course of her life. So it's no surprise that her wedding to Amanda Clifton on Nov. 3 will have a major charitable component to it.

From the floral arrangements that will be donated to nearby senior centers and women's shelters to the wedding registry that will benefit Delle Donne's foundation, the pair will be helping others. Delle Donne's foundation supports the Special Olympics and victims of Lyme disease.

"The wedding isn't just about us and our day," Delle Donne said. "It can also impact others and make them happy."

Besides the physical donations, Delle Donne and Clifton hope that being a same-sex couple can help normalize it for others.

"That is the reason why I'm doing The Knot," Delle Donne said. "I don't want people to have to have these huge coming outs anymore. It should just be the norm. I love a woman or a man and a woman love each other it should just no big deal. ... I hope in people's minds they just see it as two beautiful brides and move on. You don't see enough of two brides or two grooms."

The pair was selected by The Knot as the website's Dream Couple this year. Details of the wedding are scarce although the couple did reveal they were getting married on Long Island. "That's all we can tell you, the rest is all secret," Delle Donne said, laughing. "There are secrets that can't be released."

One thing that Delle Donne and Clifton did share was that their dogs, Wrigley and Rasta, won't be part of the wedding. The two were set to be involved, but Rasta tore her ACL and had surgery earlier this month, so she's sidelined for the nuptials.

"We didn't think it would be smart to involve her and make her ride out to Long Island," Delle Donne said.

While the dogs won't be in attendance, Delle Donne has been trying to get Pink to come . Clifton is a diehard fan of the singer and Delle Donne thinks it would be the ultimate gift to her fiance.

"If Pink is on TV she is sitting and waiting for Pink to come on," Delle Donne said. "It would be such a great gift to my beautiful wife to have Pink there."

The two brides met in Chicago when Delle Donne was playing there and Clifton has run Delle Donne's basketball academy. It's helped with the wedding planning since Delle Donne was in-season playing for the Mystics for the summer when most of the wedding planning was done.

"We have very similar tastes so it works out pretty easily," Clifton said.

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