Alex Compton on Jeron Teng: He's a diva from La Salle

Paul Lintag on Dec 04, 2017 06:28 PM
Alex Compton on Jeron Teng: He's a diva from La Salle
"He's a diva from La Salle. He's all about his hair and his style." --- Alex Compton on Jeron Teng. Lol.

Jeron Teng finally played his first PBA preseason game Monday as the Alaska Aces took on the NLEX Road Warriors at the Upper Deck Gym in Mandaluyong.

He and the Aces didn't have a pretty good outing, they lost a 12-point lead on their way to taking a six-point defeat.

Teng, whose alma mater just lost its UAAP title to rival Ateneo just a day before, had bad game, scoring only four points on 2/11 shooting.

Fortunately, this is only the preseason and all of this do not count yet.

But still, Jeron can be evaluated as early as now. And his early review from head coach Alex Compton sure is interesting.

"Jeron? That guy? That guy right there, I can't stand him," Compton said when asked about Jeron, who was just behind him, stretching after the game.

"He's a diva from La Salle. He's all about his hair and his style," Compton added.

Coach Alex was obviously kidding, and turning a little serious, he says that he's already spotted one great quality about the younger Teng and the new PBA season is not even opened yet.

"No, he's actually... one of the things, one of his best qualities that I've seen is that he's a learner," the Alaska mentor said.

"It shows a capacity for growth, which is really important. He's basically had three weeks of practice with us so he's still learning what we do, when we do it, how we do it, and why we do it," Compton added.

Teng's ability to process new information and put it into action is going to be key for his journey in the PBA says Compton.

Actually, that quality not only goes for Teng but for Davon Potts as well, the Aces' other rookie pick up.

"Actually both of our rookies seem like they have good basketball intelligence. It's just that they have a high volume of stuff to catch up on that all the other guys already know," Compton said. 
"That's one of the things that surprised me most about both of them, Jeron and Davon, it looks like they can learn fairly quickly, which I think is a tremendous strength. As the year goes on you'll see them getting better and better," he added.




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