Ross provides show for SMB and for his "very proud" mother

Paul Lintag on Dec 17, 2017 10:08 PM
Ross provides show for SMB and for his
With his mother in town to watch him live for the first time on three years, Chris Ross was an extra motivated guy out there for the San Miguel Beermen.

It was only the first game of the new season but Chris Ross was a very motivated guy out there for three-time defending Philippine Cup champion San Miguel Beer.


Because his mom was on deck to watch him live for the first time in three years, that's why.

"One, my mom is here. It's her first time to see me play in a while," Ross said of his mother Virginia who landed in the Philippines earlier this week but only came to Manila Sunday morning.

He made his mom's trip worth it though as he put on a show for the Beermen to the tune of 16 points, six rebounds, and nine assists.

"The last time she watched a game [live] was maybre three years ago? But we have TFC at home so she always watches [on TV]. She gets up in the morning to watch every game. She's always texting me, messaging me on Facebok every game ad after games. She's really our no. 1 fan and it's good to have here here," the reigning two-time Philippine Cup Finals MVP added.

Mommy Virginia's favorite team struggled in stretches against the Phoenix Fuel Masters to start the 2017-2018 season, but the Beermen's overwhelming firepower was more than enough to secure the win.

However, that's not enough for Ross and the rest of the San Miguel crew. After all, they're looking at winning a fourth straight All-Filipino championship.

"I thought we looked pretty decent out there but there's a lot to improve," Ross said.

"It's gonna be tough because everyone is going after us. We won this conference three years in a row and everyone's beefed up their squad to come after us. We know we're going to get everyone's best shot every night. We're prepared for that, we're ready," he added.

As for Virginia, she's just one happy mother supporting his youngest son from courtside.

"Very proud. He's my baby, he's my youngest. I'm a very proud mother," she said.



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