Kevin Alas responds to Coach Louie's 'Parking pa lang' gameplan: "Hindi na lang ako uuwi ng bahay"

Santino Honasan on Jan 03, 2018 11:10 AM
Kevin Alas responds to dad's 'Parking pa lang' gameplan
“Siguro the night before our game, hindi na lang ako uuwi ng bahay,”

Being the veteran coach that he is, Phoenix head mentor Louie Alas knows a thing or two about preparing for his opponents.

And like any good coach, he’s willing to pull out all the stops to neutralize his opponents’ weapons and help his team get an all-important win.

All the stops…even if it means trapping one of those said weapons at home.

When the All Filipino Conference of the 43rd Season of the PBA resumes action on Sunday, January 7th, Coach Louie’s Phoenix Fuel Masters will be taking on the unbeaten NLEX Road Warriors.

One of NLEX’s key guys happens to be Coach Louie’s son Kevin, and already, Coach Louie has a game plan to shut Kevin down.

"Ngayon hanggang parking pa lang ita-trap ko na," Coach Louie jokingly said.

Well, Kevin isn’t going to take any chances.

When asked about his dad’s plan to keep him under ‘house arrest’ so to say, Kevin has a counter-strategy of his own.

“Siguro the night before our game, hindi na lang ako uuwi ng bahay,” Kevin told ABS-CBN Sports with a chuckle. “Baka hindi ako palabasin ng bahay eh.”

The upcoming father-son matchup also has the Alas household playfully divided, as Kevin shared.

“Nung Medya Noche, parang nagbibiruan kami, sabi ko ‘Mom, kanino ka mag-chicheer? NLEX ba o Phoenix?' Phoenix daw siya, then si Kiefer, yung kapatid ko na ten years old, tinanong ko ‘O, saan ka mag-chicheer?’ NLEX sabi niya. 'Ah ganun ah?' sabi ni Dad.”

“It’s a light biruan lang naman nung nag-Medya Noche kami. It was fun.” Kevin added.

It’ll be all business on Sunday however, when Kevin and NLEX take on Coach Louie and Phoenix at the Big Dome.

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