After one-game return, TY Tang back to being retired

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jan 30, 2018 08:24 PM
After one-game return, TY Tang back to being retired
TY Tang is back to being retired just two days after being un-retired

Kent Salado’s conference-ending injury forced the hand of Go for Gold assistant coach TY Tang to end his three-year retirement.

As it turns out, however, something else was at play that lured the former pro to go back to action. Talking to reporters after his return on Tuesday, he said, “One-game contract lang (ito). Masyadong mataas lang ang offer ni (head) coach Charles (Tiu), hindi ko mahindian.”

Pressed further on that offer he couldn’t refuse, he continued, “Papakainin daw ako e.”

Of course, Tang was kidding and head coach Charles Tiu indeed needed a steady hand at the backcourt for the Scratchers after Salado re-injured his right knee during their season-opener.

Tiu found one on his staff in the form of his assistant coach who just so happens to also be a seven-year PBA veteran.

After Go for Gold’s loss to Jose Rizal University, however, the head coach will have to search anew. Asked if he will continue to play, Tang answered, for real this time, “Hindi na. Charles has to look for (a replacement) kasi one-game contract lang ako – extended minutes na nga e.”

In his first official game back since 2015, the heady point guard had two points, three assists, and one rebound in nearly 16 minutes.

Not bad for somebody who says he hasn’t taken part in competitive ball in while. “Nakakasabay ba? Parang hingal an hingal nga ako e,” he shared through chuckles.

He then continued, “Pero I feel good. Okay naman. Although siyempre, wala akong geel ng game because it’s been a lang time. I don’t really play much, even pick-up games.”

Tang again clarified, however, “Pero yun na lang yun, hanggang dun na lang yun. It’s just one game talaga for me.”

In his brief return, the 33-year-old said he hoped he was able to impart his valuable experience to their youngsters in the Scratchers – most of whom are also players for College of St. Benilde. “I’ve been telling them that it’s really the smarts in the game that they need to have. More than the talent, it’s always the IQ e,” he said.

He then continued, “Meron ka ngang talent, hindi mo naman alam kung paano gamitin.”

Along with that, Tang said he hoped he was also able to set an example for Go for Gold on how to be a floor leader. “You have to play with five players inside the court. We don’t need one guy to have 10 assists a game,” he said.

He then continued, “We need maybe six, seven guys who have three assists then six, seven guys who have eight, nine, 10 points – then that’s gonna be good for our team.”


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