All those road games have fueled the flames for red-hot Alab

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Feb 19, 2018 11:01 AM
All those road games have fueled the flames for red-hot Alab
Alab Pilipinas can thank all those road games they played earlier in the season for their current scorching streak

Alab Pilipinas is the best road team in the 2017-2018 Asean Basketball League.

And they have the record to back that up as they boast of seven wins in eight games on the road – two wins better than their closest competitor Hong Kong.

In the Filipinos’ current eight-game win run, five have come away from home.

While back-to-back wins in Laguna as of late have hiked its once uninspiring home record to a more respectable 4-3, it has still been those road wins that has defined the Philippine team thus far in the tournament.

Indeed, the players themselves attribute their red-hot run to all the challenges they faced while travelling – and how they came through most of them. As reigning and defending Local MVP Ray Parks Jr. put it, “The thing is, being on the road, it’s brings us together. We’re handling adversity – traveling, not being at home.”

He then continued, “Kung nasa ibang country kami, kami na magkakapatid, kami na (ang) pamilya.”

First-year head coach Jimmy Alapag only saw the same. “I think when you travel together, you go all through those experiences on the road and being in hostile environments. The great part about the ABL is you really feel the home and away,” he shared.

He then continued, “It’s a huge challenge, but it’s also a great opportunity for the team to really continue building chemistry and camaraderie.”

And that is exactly why even though being on the road so much early in his first time as head coach wasn’t exactly ideal, Alapag could look back at that time as when it all came together for him and his wards. “I just really want to deflect all the credit to the guys. They come in every day focused and ready to work,” he said.

He then continued, “I’m seeing this team grow and it’s fun to watch. They really enjoy playing out there on the court with one another.”

Now, each and every Alab player knows that wherever they are, whether that be at home or as visitors, they stand side-by-side. “Anybody (else on) the court is not gonna have our backs. Us who are out there, we have to come together collectively – that’s what we learned being on the road so much,” Parks. Jr. remarked.


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