The best wins for coach Jimmy are still hugs from his kids

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Apr 16, 2018 01:46 PM
The best wins for coach Jimmy are still hugs from his kids
Eldest Ian and his two other children are the most prized trophies of Alab Pilipinas head coach Jimmy Alapag

STA. ROSA, LAGUNA – Jimmy Alapag no longer sleeps.

With a wife and three kids to take care of and an Alab Pilipinas team to coach, rest has become some sort of a foreign concept for him.

“Do you still sleep,” a reporter asked Alapag after he and Alab swept now-dethroned champion Hong Kong last Sunday.

“No,” he answered, loud and clear.

Of course, the Philippine basketball legend was only kidding, but still, pulling off being a head coach, a husband, and a father is no easy feat.

Alapag wouldn’t have it any other way, though.

“When I played, I used to take losses really hard. When you don’t have kids, you go home, you’re by yourself and you think about the game,” he shared. “Now that I’m not playing, there’s a lot of stress that goes into coaching, but the best part is now, I have my family.”

Indeed, Alab’s big-time win that sent them into their first-ever Finals was made even sweeter for the 40-year-old because he had his family to share it with.

In fact, during the post-win interview, he had eldest child Ian around his arms, already sound asleep because it was already past bed time.

“Now I have my kids, as stressed out as I might be, I still get to come home and change my son’s diaper. Or when my daughter wants milk at 3:00 AM, I gotta make her milk,” he shared. “It’s just a great balance. My family is everything and I’m thankful to have them with me.”

Apparently, while Ian was already in dreamland during that press conference, he brings much-needed happiness to both his dad and the Filipino team whenever he’s awake. “I know he really enjoys being around the team. He calls [Renaldo] Balkman, Balk, and he doesn’t call Justin [Brownlee], Justin, it’s Just,” Alapag shared.

He then continued, “It’s just a great experience for him to be around the guys and the guys enjoy having him around.”

And daddy Jimmy will only continue bringing Ian and his other kids with him to work. “Unfortunately, (my kids) were only able to see my last year playing so now, to have them be able to go along this journey and see their dad coaching, it means a lot,” he said.


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