Filoil Pre-season Cup: Gilas coach Josh Reyes: "We cannot accept the lack of effort"

Philip Matel on Apr 28, 2018 03:25 PM
Gilas coach Reyes:
A hell broke loose for Gilas as the Green Archers ventured on a 20-1 run to end the game.

Gilas #23for23 coach Josh Reyes ripped into his team's lack of effort, as his wards blew an early 20-point lead and lost against a spirited and hot DLSU Green Archers squad in a blowout on Friday.

The team cruised through the first half with ease, holding on to a 34-14 advantage.

However, La Salle with its fighting spirit, broke through the double-digit barrier and was able to whittle it down to eight by the end of the first half. It then went La Salle's favor, but Gilas was able to fight back for a last-gasp attempt at the end of the third period.

Things were knotted at 71 after a Kobe Paras dunk, but all hell broke loose for the Green Archers as they ventured on a 20-1 run to end the game. 

A team that is touted to be the future of Philippine basketball was routed by an upstart collegiate squad, and the selection's lethargic effort to finish the game did not sit well with the mentor.

"We will accept them struggling for whatever Xs and Os on defensive schemes, pasahan, offense ganoon. Getting shots, making a turnover. We cannot accept the lack of effort. And we believe, especially in the second half. When things get started to chippy, all of a sudden, the shots weren't falling. The effort disappeared as well," a dejected Reyes said after the game.

The mentor added that that is why some players were put in for an extended playing time to let them shine, but a lack of effort is never tolerated under his, or any coach's watch. 

"And you know, it's not secret, we want to give a lot of opportunities to Ricci Rivero and Kobe Paras. To Gomez de Liano, the young guys. Abu, to those who haven't got a lot of minutes."

"And these are the guys, you know, that we can accept their miscues, but not the lack of effort, and we felt a lot of instances, too much, too many instances in the second half where it's just lack of effort. Lack of laban. And that's we shout everyday in the Gilas program, yung laban."

With such an star-studded squad like the 23 for 23 roster, the younger Reyes admits that the players' individual egos will always be seen on the court, and added that some has to make sacrifices, and be willing to do the dirty work for the team.

Even though Reyes does not expect a perfect game to be played by the team all the time, but fully counts on them to put on their A-game all the time.

With an 0-2 slate against Ateneo and La Salle, Gilas will next be facing San Beda on Sunday, and Reyes expects his team to bounce back.

"We have to show what we talked about in the dugout. That's all we are asking for now because we can't expect perfect execution from them but we need perfect effort all the time. We can't rely on somebody to do the dirty work for you. Somebody has to step to the plate and do it. Not somebody, everybody."

The interim head coach of the team also lamented with his group's commitment with the boards, as they allowed 20 more opportunities for their opponents, leading to 22 second-chance points. 

"If we lost the 20 points because you know, we couldn't just hit shots, we couldn't run the offense well, then we could work on that. But lack of effort, everyone of them, they just have to figure it out themselves."



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