PBA: Don't call it an Extra Rice comeback

Paul Lintag on May 01, 2018 09:19 AM
PBA: Don't call it an Extra Rice comeback
Reggie Johnson to ROS. Extra Rice Inc. making a comeback?

The arrival of Reginald Johnson as Rain or Shine's import in the 2018 PBA Commissioner's Cup has sparked conversations of a possible Extra Rice Inc. comeback.

The hulking Johnson seems to be the perfect fit for the hulking Beau Belga.

And while that has worked out well so far, the Elasto Painters are 2-0 in the mid-season joust so far, don't call it an Extra Rice comeback.

In a talk to scribes after ROS' rousing win over Ginebra Sunday, Johnson revealed that he's giving out nicknames to his teammates as a way to get to know them better.

It's also a way to recognize them easier.

However, he has no nickname for Beau. At least not the obvious one everyone expected.

"I call Beau, Beau. You guys call him Extra Rice but I make Beau look little so I can't call him Extra Rice," Johnson said.

"If I call Beau Extra Rice, I'd be Grande Extra Rice. So I just call Beau, Beau," he added.

Johnson also has some nicknames for his other teammates, some are obvious while some are a little unique.

Okay, maybe not as unique as one would have hoped but they make sense for Johnson. And it helps with Rain or Shine's chemistry.

"I'm kind of choosing nicknames for everybody so I can make it all easier for myself. I call Jay Wash... Jay Wash is Jay Wash. You know, That's easy," he said.

"James, I call James, Yapyap 'cause he don't talk at  all so I call him Yapyap. So just. I mean, it's nothing major but I just use nicknames for them. I'm pretty much comftable with my teammates' names," Johnson added.



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