Jarvey Gayoso buys dad Jayvee's Gordon's Gin PBA jersey off the internet

ABS-CBN Sports on May 09, 2018 01:00 PM
Jarvey Gayoso buys dad Jayvee's PBA jersey off the internet
Jarvey Gayoso wears the same number 11 that his dad Jayvee used to wear in the pros.

Ateneo football star Jarvey Gayoso has been making quite the name for himself so far in the UAAP. 

The third-year striker has yet to miss out on the Final Four and has a UAAP championship, an MVP trophy, and three-straight Best Striker honors under his belt. 

The kid's talent is undeniable that he's already being pegged as one of the future stars of Philippine football. 

Also, as many of you may already know by now, Jarvey is a third generation athlete. He's the grandson of the two-sport great Ed Ocampo, the nephew of former National Football Team member Alvin Ocampo, and of course, the son of PBA veteran Jayvee Gayoso. 

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Earlier this week, young Jarvey showed some love to the OG Gayoso by getting his dad's jersey off the internet.

And not just any jersey, but a pretty rare Jayvee Gayoso Gordon's Gin jersey. 

"Bought the jersey my dad wore in his PBA days," Gayoso's tweet read. "Thank you to the person who sold it online."

"I just thought it would be cool to have one memorabilia of his cause I never got to watch any of his games." Gayoso told ABS-CBN Sports. "I was too young to go to the games. Also cause I just thought it would be funny when I tell my dad about it."

Gayoso added that it was one of his teammates who told him about the jersey being sold online. 

Gayoso, nicknamed "Mr. Adrenaline" during his pro days, was best known for his stint with PBA fan-favorites Ginebra. 

The Ginebra San Miguel team was rebranded as the Gordon's Gin Boars during the 1997-1998 PBA season. 

Jarvey admits that he wears jersey number 11 as a tribute to his dad, who also wore number 11 during his time in the PBA.

"Ever since I was a kid 11 was my favorite number cause he wore it in his playing days."

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