3x3WC: Standhardinger after early World Cup exit: "I honestly felt that we were better"

Paul Lintag on Jun 11, 2018 09:23 PM
3x3WC: Standhardinger:
"I think itís a little bitter for me, itís bitter. Iím happy that we won two games, but we shouldíve won against Canada, and we shouldíve won against Mongolia," Standhardinger said.

BOCAUE, Bulacan --- While the last win against Russia was nice, Christian Standhardinger couldn't help but feel a little frustrated with the way Gilas Pilipinas fared in the 2018 FIBA 3x3 World Cup.

After Monday's games, the Philippines just missed a spot in the quarterfinals, failing to advance after being one game short.

Gilas finished with a 2-2 record in Pool C and the two teams that moved on were Canada (4-0) and Mongolia (3-1).

Canada and Mongolia were the two teams that beat Gilas Pilipinas by a combined five points.

And Standhardinger, regardless of the Philippines' seeding heading into the tournament, feels like his team was the better one compared to the two that actually advanced.

"I think it’s a little bitter for me, it’s bitter. I’m happy that we won two games, but we should’ve won against Canada, and we should’ve won against Mongolia," Standhardinger said.

"I felt like when you play the game you feel better or not better. I honestly felt that we were better but it was just the lack of experience and that’s why we didn’t win those games," he added.

With less than a month of preparation, Gilas Pilipinas sure proved that they can compete with the best of them in the 3x3 game.

Proof is the fact that the Philippines' two wins came at the expense of no. 3 Russia and no. 6 Brazil.

Gilas was seeded 19th out of 20 teams in the World Cup.

"As frustrating as how the loss against Mongolia is, let’s put it into perspective. If we beat the [6th]-ranked team in the world, which was against Brazil, I hope I’m not wrong, and we beat the 3rd-ranked team in the world and this is our first tournament. if this is not clear for everybody, how much promise we have as a team for the next tournaments, with more practices under our belt. We only had 11 practices," Standhardinger said.

"It’s obvious to see how much promise there is practicing 11 times and competing unexperienced, we beat the number [6] ranked team in the world, beating the number 3 in the world by a high margin and Brazil could’ve been even higher. I’m just excited and pumped for the future to be honest with you as frustrating it is to have lost those two games, to not be able to show the Filipino fans the four victories in a row," he added.

With all that promise, Standhardinger hopes that this current Gilas 3x3 team can stay together and continue playing.

"Now that we have those experiences, I obviously hope that we stay together and we can make some history with these 3x3 games," he said.

"I don’t know what else to say. Of course we’ll try to do our all but I hope that all of the organizations involved will give us the opportunity to stick together and I think we showed great promise. You saw what this guy [Roger Pogoy] did with the two-pointers. Amazing. He’s made for this physicality, he’s made for 3x3, Troy is made for 3x3 and nobody can stop Stanley. So i think we have a great team," Standhardinger added.



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