FIBA: Was Ping's post-brawl selfie insensitive?

Paul Lintag on Jul 03, 2018 07:33 PM
FIBA: Was Ping's post-brawl selfie insensitive?
The most bizarre thing from the Gilas-Boomers brawl was definitely former Gilas forward Marc Pingris taking a post-fight selfie with the national team. (Photo from Marc Pingris' Instagram account. The post has since been deleted)

MANILA, Philippines --- For all the craziness that transpired Monday during the now infamous Gilas-Boomers brawl, the most bizarre thing that took place was not the fact that the normally-calm Jayson Castro started chasing a seven-foot Australian.

It was not Thon Maker unleashing flying kicks.

It was not Terrence Romeo almost hilariously dodging said flying kicks.

The most bizarre thing was definitely former Gilas forward Marc Pingris taking a post-fight selfie with the national team.

The said selfie has caused divide naturally with some calling it insensitive while others defended it, saying Ping was just trying to diffuse a tense situation. Ping, accounting for his personality, had pure intentions.

Both sides should have valid points regarding the post-fight selfie but for head coach Chot Reyes, the selfie should be the least of anyone's concerns.

"He's not my player right now but he is part of the Gilas family. We always like to say once Gilas, always Gilas. If I saw it, I would have stopped it, maybe, just so there would be no misinterpretation," Reyes said on SportsCenter Philippines.

"But if you know Ping, that's his personality, he always likes to interject a lot of humor and kengkoy and stuff," he added.

Ping, who is beloved as a member of Gilas Pilipinas, has been this way all his life.

He'll find creative ways to shed light and humor in dark situations.

"It always happens even in tense situations during our practice or in games, Ping is always, you know he's the most intense guy but he's also the most fun-loving one," Reyes said.

Monday's brawl against the Boomers was unprecedented. It was sad and unfortunate.

In hindsight, the Philippines could have reacted better, hence the apologies from members of the team less than 24 hours after the fact.

As for Ping's post-fight selfie, you can downplay it because of his pure intentions or call him out for being insensitive. Nevertheless, things could have done better overall.



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