BASKET-BRAWL! Gilas versus Australia the latest in long history of Pinoy basketball brawls

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Gilas-Australia latest in history of Pinoy basket-brawls
Unfortunately, the Gilas versus Australia brawl wasn't the first involving national teams.

A couple of days after the now-infamous FIBA World Cup Qualifiers match-turned-all out brawl between Gilas Pilipinas and Australia, it's still pretty much on top of the headlines. 

Understandable, given that the fiasco caught worldwide attention and will definitely have some serious implications on both sides moving forward. 

Unfortunately, this isn't the first basketball-related melee to happen involving professional Pinoy hoopers. 

Pinoys are some of the most passionate fans and players when it comes to basketball, so it's quite a regular occurrence that tempers begin to flare and tension begins to rise.

On these certain occassions, things got out of hand, fast.

Here are a few past instances where throwing passes escalated into throwing hands, resulting in an all-out basketbrawl. 


PBA: Crispa vs. Toyota (April 1977)

None of the players involved in the Gilas-Australia brawl wasn't even born yet when this rivalry-induced brawl took place. 

We go way back to 1977 for this gem, as legendary PBA rivals Crispa and Toyota were invovled in what, according to accounts, was one of the most massive bralwls in PBA history. 

You had guys clearing benches, and legends like Atoy Co and Ramon Fernandez getting some "meet me in the tunnel" action and continuing the festivities in the dugout. 

It was reportedly so bad that players were taken to jail by the Metropolitan Police Commission. 

This, of course, happened during Martial Law, which meant that the fiasco earned the players an overnight stay in the slammer. 


PBA: AñEJO vs. PRESTO (December 11, 1988)

Back when battles for third place were still a thing, Añejo and Presto locked in a Best-of-Five series to see who finishes second runners-up in the 1988 Reinforced Conference and heading into Game 4, the Rhum 65ers were one win away from clinching the series. 

Then, it happened. 

In the third quarter, much like the Gilas-Australia brawl, a bench-clearing brawl erupted after Añejo import Tommy Davis fouled Presto's Philip Cezar hard as the Pinoy was driving to the basket. Cezar hit the ground hard sprung back up to retaliate. 

While it looked like cooler heads were going to prevail, chaos eventually ensued. 

Here's the fight in all its retro, short-shorts glory:

Añejo went on to win, 171-145 (What a scoreline!), and nine players wound up getting fined for the incident, including the likes of Davis, Cezar, Joe Ward, Atoy Co, and Rudy Distrito. 


Centennial Team vs. University of Minnesota Golden Gophers (1998)

Before there was Gilas, there was the Centennial Team. 

Composed of legends such as Alvin Patrimonio, Vergel Meneses, Jun Limpot, Olsen Racela, Johnny Abbarientos, and many more, the Centennial Team was the Philippines' version of The Dream Team, and they were set to compete in the 1998 Asian Games. 

In preparation for the Asian Games, the Centennial Team went on an exhibition tour in the United States, taking on a number of US NCAA teams in the Midwest. 

The final stop for the Centennial Team was a showdown against the Minnesota Golden Gophers, which also featured a bench-clearing brawl. 

Early into the first half, the Philippines' Andy Siegle and Minnesota's Miles Tarver were ejected after figuring in a fist fight. 

Later on, a scuffle erupted in front of the Philippine bench, with Minnesota's Terrance Simmons also getting thrown out. 

The Golden Gophers went on to win 98-55, and the Centennial Team went on to finish with a bronze medal in the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games. 


Jones Cup: Philippines vs. Taiwan (August, 1999)

Back in 1999, the Philippines decided to send the Iloilo Megavoltz to represent the country in the William Jones Cup, a basketball tournament held in Taiwan.

This came after the Philippine Centennial Team won the championship in the previous year. 

Going against hosts Taiwan, the Philippines, once again, found themselves in the center of some rather unwanted attention.

After what appeared to be lapses on the part of the officials, things turned physical and, you guessed it, violence ensued. 

With a little over four minutes to go, a Taiwanese player was fouled hard and benches were emptied as a riot erupted. 

Water bottles were thrown, and former PBA guard Joey Mente even wound up being sent to the hospital after the mess. 

The Philippines ended up pulling out of the tournament after three games. 


PBA: Talk N' Text vs. Purefoods (July 9, 2008)

Oh look, we're actually a few days away from the ten-year anniversary of this infamous moment in PBA history! 

Also, there seems to be a trend. I looks like every ten years, something like this hits the news. 

In the final quarter of a knockout match between Talk N' Text and Purefoods in the 2008 PBA Fiesta Conference, things got physical between TNT import Terrence Leather (this seems fitting) and Purefoods big man Jondan Salvador. After reaching his tipping point, Leather chucked the ball at Salvador, which in turn prompted James Yap to kick Leather...and then run for dear life. Thankfully, things were restrained before anything got way out of hand. Yap and Leather were the recipients of the biggest fines for this little incident. 

Purefoods went on to win the game, 98-93, and we were left with the lasting image of Yap standing up for his teammate and then immediately regretting his actions. Yap did apologize for the incident afterwards. 

You can go and Google the video, so that on July 9th, you can go up to someone and say, "Uy alam mo ba, ten-year anniversary ngayon nung away ng Talk N' Text tsaka Purefoods?"


PBA: Globalport vs. San Mig Coffee (September 4, 2013)

Early in the 2013 PBA Governor's Cup, Globalport and San Mig Coffee also found themselves in the middle of a brawl that led to a couple of ejections, Marc Pingris and Kelly Nabong being in the center of it all. 

The incident began in the third quarter (AGAIN??) when San Mig import Marquis Blakely and Globalport's Marvin Hayes got tangled up, and Blakely's teammate Joe Devance took exception, shoving Hayes down. 

Even in his rookie years, Kelly Nabong already showed a penchant for getting into skirmishes, as he responded on Hayes' behalf, putting his hands on Blakely. 

Pingris, wasn't too happy about this, so he went ahead and landed a right hand flush on Nabong. 

Nabong, not one to shy away from fisticuffs, put Pingris in a Muay Thai clinch and tried landing some knees that would make Anderson Silva blush. 

Things eventually got separated, and the MVP of the peace-keeping team was then San Mig head coach Tim Cone, who managed to pacify Nabong with an MMA-like takedown from the back. 

Pingris and Nabong were sent off, obviously, and technical fouls were given to Devance and Hayes. 

San Mig held on for a 102-88 win. 


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