At 34, Richard Gutierrez is All-Star Rookie of the Year

Danine Cruz on Aug 19, 2018 11:32 PM
Richard Gutierrez is All-Star Rookie of the Year
34 years old, what?

At 34 years old, Richard Gutierrez is hailed as the latest Star Magic All-Star Game Rookie of the Year, Sunday evening at the Araneta Coliseum.

Gutierrez scored eight points and three rebounds in his first game for the Red Team in the annual Star Magic event.

The veteran actor's hustle on both ends sent fans inside the coliseum cheering.

From finishing perimeter jumpers to grabbing offensive rebounds, Gutierrez fared very well alongside his twenty-something teammates and opponents.

However, his efforts went for naught as the Red Team suffered a harsh beating from the dominant Blue Team, 113-75.

Talking about the experience, Gutierrez can't help but relish the premium of playing in the Araneta Coliseum, where some of the best athletes in the world have showcased their skills. 

"Sobrang exciting makalaro sa harap ng fans sa Araneta Coliseum, we're looking forward to next year's competition and hopefully we get the game close," he said.

"I've been playing basketball all my life, it's just when you're busy and with schedules, you tend to forget about sports but I always try to play basketball."

Now rewarded with the ROY plum, he looks forward to play more ball.

"Yeah, definitely, if I can, if I'm healthy, I'll play."

In the same awarding ceremony, Rayver Cruz, Daniel Padilla, Gerald Anderson, Young JV, and Axel Torres were honored as the Star Magic All-Star Game's Mythical Five.

Anderson took home MVP honors for the second straight year. 

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