ASIA LEAGUE: Bigger and better Terrific 12 shatters expectations

Paul Lintag on Sep 25, 2018 02:32 PM
ASIA LEAGUE: Bigger Terrific 12 shatters expectations
The Asia League's Terrific 12 tournament ended with Japan's Ryukyu Golden Kings winning the title. However, the week-long tournament in Macau was more than just about basketball. (Power Sport Images)

Back in July during the Super 8, Asia League CEO Matt Beyer talked about the potential of his larger tournament, the Terrific 12.

Well, the Terrific 12 has come and gone in Macau and Asia League's premier tournament has fulfilled all expectations and more.

"It is better, right?" Beyer said of the Terrific 12.

"I think that obviously, we have way more media here. We've got over a 150 media outlets, we broadcast on over 30 networks," he added.

One of the main differences from the Super 8 and the Terrific 12, aside from the number of teams, is the Asia League Fest.

If the Super 8 is pure basketball, the Terrific 12 is a mixture of sport and entertainment.

For the very first Terrific 12, and in turn the very first Asia League Fest, Beyer and his crew came through.

The Asia League assembled a strong cast of Asian performers in Macau headlined by South Korea's Minzy from the former 2NE1 and James Reid from the Philippines.

"Asia League Fest has helped us grow our exposure beyond sports media and business and entertainment media, as well," Beyer said.

"We're getting a lot more KOL (Key Opinion Leader) influencer, traffic and I think people are having fun, it's a party and that's the point. We bridge sports entertainment so that's the point of Asia League and that's the point of the Terrific 12," he added.

For Asia League's next events, Beyer keeps an eye out for improving.

However, the goal of turning the Asia League and its tournaments into the Eastern version of the NBA Las Vegas Summer League is still in effect.

"We're rebranding our Summer Super 8 as the Macau Summer League. We're really going to try to make our roots deeper here in Macau and make it like Las Vegas Summer League for the NBA, where it's a destination event," Beyer said.

"It's really going to be something that grows and scales to get the community more involved but also to make people realize, if they want basketball during this time of the year, they come to Macau for the experience. With the Terrific 12, our preseason event, I think we just focus on making it the best event possible," he added.



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