ABL: Ramos was not backing down from ‘dirty’ Deguara

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jan 27, 2019 11:24 PM
ABL: Ramos was not backing down from ‘dirty’ Deguara
PJ Ramos and Sam Deguara are getting to know one another pretty well

STA. ROSA, LAGUNA – Alab Pilipinas vs Hong Kong on Sunday at the Sta. Rosa Multi-Purpose Conplex here was a clash of titans as the two teams are the two most recent champions in the Asean Basketball League.

It was even more so as both squads also featured literal titans.

On Alab’s side was hulking 7-foot-3 Puerto Rican PJ Ramos and on Hong Kong’s corner was towering 7-foot-5 Maltese Sam Deguara.

And right from the get-go, there were fireworks as the two behemoths collided.

That went on until the final frame when Ramos sent Deguara to the line with a hard foul. “Sometimes he plays dirty but I'm a dirtier person,” he told reporters post-game.

Explaining his actions, though, the Alab big man said he was just getting payback for what happened to teammate Renaldo Balkman. “He almost injured Balkman so as one of the leaders of the team, I got to protect my players,” he said.

Not long before the hard foul, Deguara sent Balkman crashing to the floor with what appeared to be a hip check that wasn’t caught as a foul.

Ultimately, however, Ramos said he was just going to work. “You know I was just playing my game. I don't worry about no player, no team,” he said.

And he will continue to do so even as the Filipinos get to meet Deguara and Hong Kong two more times in the season. “I'm not even worried about it. I just want to win the game and this championship,” he said.


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