SUPER SHOWDOWN: San Sebastian's Allyn Bulanadi vs UE's Rey Suerte

ABS-CBN Sports on Oct 25, 2019 06:06 PM
SUPER SHOWDOWN: Baste's Allyn Bulanadi vs UE's Rey Suerte
(Photos by Arvin Lim and Josh Albelda)

Whenever University of the East needs a basket, the ball goes to the hands of Rey Suerte.

In the very same way, whenever San Sebastian College-Recoletos is looking for somebody to score, it looks to Allyn Bulanadi.

Suerte's an orthodox shot-creator. Bulanadi's a southpaw bucket-getter.

Without a doubt, though, the two of them are scoring machines the Red Warriors and the Golden Stags know full well they can turn on when it matters most.

These two gunslingers may not be dueling anytime soon, but lucky for us we got ABS-CBN Sports' Super Showdown to pit them against one another.

To determine who the greater scoring machine is, we will judge them in five categories (shooting from the outside, finishing at the rim, playmaking, defense, and clutch gene) with a boxing-style 10-point must system determining the decision.


Bulanadi is a deadeye shooter.

When people think about San Sebastian, they think about RK Ilagan being the one player you can never leave open, but they actually have two as their lefty forward has nailed 35 percent of his attempts from deep and has notched a total of 41 triples through the elimination round.

Make no mistake, Suerte is himself a scary shooter, but he can be described better as a streaky shooter rather than a deadeye one.

It also doesn't hurt Bulanadi that his being a lefty only makes his jumpshot all the more beautiful.

Advantage, Bulanadi, 10-9


Suerte is a threat from all over the court, but inside the paint is where he shines.

With all the finesse in the world to complement his superb ballhandling, UE's top gun gives defenders nightmares whenever they start on him from beyond the arc.

With a nifty headfake, Suerte can freeze just about everybody in front of him before wasting no time slicing into the lane where he can most certainly bang with the big boys - drilling difficult shots or getting sent to the stripe.

Bulanadi's no slouch from inside, but he has always been more of a shooter than a slasher.

Advantage, Suerte, 10-9


San Sebastian is a two-man show as head coach Egay Macaraya lets Bulanadi and Ilagan run wild on offense.

While there are times they set one another up, more often than not, the two give truth to the saying "shooters gonna shoot."

On the other hand, Suerte has all the capability and confidence to make plays not just for himself, but for all of UE.

In fact, the one-and-done star ranks third in all of the league in terms of assists - and is the only non-point guard in the top 10.

Advantage, Suerte, 10-9


Suerte has a lot more bulking up to do so that he can translate his game into the next level.

While his height is ideal at 6-foot-3, his width still has a long ways to go for him to make the same sort of impact in the pros.

Bulanadi, meanwhile, already has the prototype body for a modern swingman in the pros.

Also at 6-foot-3 and with above average upper body strength as well as limbs for days, he has the potential to be as disruptive on defense as he is destructive on offense.

Advantage, Bulanadi, 10-9


There's a possibility that Suerte, by his lonesome, will bar La Salle's entry into the Final Four with his cold-blooded game-winning triple being the loss that the Green Archers would look back to as the one that got away.

Along with that, he has also had more than a few clutch moments back when he was still playing for University of the Visayas in CESAFI.

Bulanadi, however, is just on a different level, proving fearless even when he was still a reserve forward - and you may ask Robert Bolick, Javee Mocon, and the rest of San Beda University about that.

And most recently, he turned in his masterpiece - a 44-point outburst, five coming in the last three minutes, that wrestled down University of Perpetual Help and willed San Sebastian back into the Final Four.

Advantage, Bulanadi, 10-9

FINAL SCORE, 48-47 for San Sebastian's Allyn Bulanadi

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