Donaire vs. Walters: When ‘Styles Make Fights’ Holds True

Milan Ordoñez on Oct 18, 2014 11:48 PM
Donaire vs. Walters Preview
When you’ve got a hard-hitting counter striker on one hand and an experienced, equally heavy-handed boxer-puncher on the other, you get a match-up like Nonito Donaire vs. Nicholas Walters. Stylistically, both men make for a noteworthy encounter. Walters has not fought an opponent of Donaire’s caliber, while “The Filipino Flash” is going up against the hardest puncher he has ever faced. On paper, though, one can safely assume that it would be a tougher fight for Donaire. For one thing, Walters holds a significant reach advantage. With a five-inch edge, the “Axe Man” can easily exploit the distance and cancel out Donaire’s ace weapon, his patented left hook. Another factor would be his insane punching power, as Walters is able to put out an 83% knockout ratio. Getting hit by one of those bombs could very well be a deciding factor of the fight, especially if Donaire is getting to feel that kind of power for the first time in his career. For “The Filipino Flash”, however, the key would be his overall boxing smarts. To this day, his 2011 fight against Fernando Montiel is still the strongest statement about his ability to put on a perfect clinic and use his footwork, angles, and counter shots efficiently. Unfortunately for him, he did meet his match in 2013, when he faced Guillermo Rigondeaux, a product of the highly touted Cuban brand of boxing. He was going up against a man who also relied on movement and timing for his shots. Worst part is, “El Chacal” was doing everything more perfectly. But what proved to be futile against Rigondeaux may work against a fighter like Walters, who holds the tendency of plodding and waiting for the right time to land some power shots. Donaire can very well use his angles and dictate the pace of the fight, much like how he did during his dominant run from 2001-2012. The intangibles also play a big part in the said match-up. As Nicholas Walters gears up for his coming out party with a guaranteed boost in his stock value if he emerges victorious, it can be said that this fight would be a make-or-break situation for Nonito Donaire as he begins a new quest for glory. In a recent interview, however, the 31-year old General Santos native admitted that he had already achieved his lifelong dream in boxing when he won the 2012 Fighter of the Year award. “Now, creating another dream is the hardest thing,” Donaire specifically told Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV. “It's kind of like writing another essay. Beginning of it, it's hard to start an essay and get to the conclusion. That's where I'm at right now.” Overall, it would be Donaire’s seasoned skillset against Walters’ grit and power. It would be interesting to see how both men will fare against each other given these factors laid out on the table.

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