Melindo, Pagara, hopeful for future title bids

Milan Ordoñez on Nov 19, 2014 06:19 PM
Melindo, Pagara hopeful for future title bids
MANILA – Milan “El Medotico” Melindo and “Prince” Albert Pagara are optimistic about their future title runs following their successful fights at Pinoy Pride 28 on Saturday night in Cebu City. Both Melindo and Pagara scored victories at the said event, with “El Metodico” earning a shot at Mexican Javier Mendoza’s junior flyweight title. “Prince” Albert, on the other hand, retained his IBF Inter-Continental Super Bantamweight belt. Melindo’s win, however, was met by a slight disappointment from the Filipino fans, as most of them feel that he was not able to show enough to dominate the opposition. And for his part, Saturday night’s performance indeed could have gone better. “My fight on Saturday night was not as pleasing as expected, since my opponent kept moving a lot,” Melindo said during a post-fight press conference held at the ABS-CBN offices this afternoon. “I found it difficult to engage with him, to throw combinations. I did not want to force the issue because one mistake can be costly.” Melindo, who is aptly nicknamed “El Metodico” explained that he chose to be more cerebral in his approach to the fight. “I used more of my mental capabilities as a boxer, as well as a lot of patience,” the 26-year old fighter said. Pagara, on the other hand, defended his title in convincing fashion against Raul Hirales, having been able to grant opponent Raul Hirales his first-ever career knockdown. But he, too, is still looking to improve further. “[I need to work on] my stamina, speed, and power,” he simply said. Both fighters are hopeful to cement their legacies as they look forward to their upcoming title fights. But when asked whether they want a long title run like eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao, “Prince” Albert says he prefers a much modest yet laudable championship reign, similar to that of Donnie Nietes. “I prefer Donnie’s,” Pagara said. “Because at least it was accomplished consecutively.” “El Metodico,” on the other hand, offered a more philosophical response. “I want both (Pacquiao’s and Donnie’s),” Melindo said. “But we are all on different paths to success, and all our achievements are bound to be unique in that way.”

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