REPORT: UAE investment group offered Mayweather Promotions $110 million to fight Pacquiao

Milan Ordoñez on Dec 04, 2014 10:17 AM
REPORT: Mayweather offered $110M to fight Pacquiao
Photo credit: Facebook
MANILA – Amidst the back-and-forth social media bickering between the two camps, a new development seems to have emerged this past week. In a report by, an investment group from the United Arab Emirates extended an offer to Mayweather Promotions guaranteeing them a whopping $110 million to step up and take the fight against eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. The fight is being targeted to take place in Dubai around April or May of the coming year. Since 2009, neither party had been able to find the middle ground in their negotiations, notwithstanding what was deemed to be ludicrous demands from Mayweather in terms of drug testing and purse split. The match-up being forced to remain on paper for five long years had created an air of dissatisfaction among fans around the world. But the reality is, a great majority of these would still pay to watch what is deemed to be the most lucrative fight in all of boxing. So much so that according to the aforementioned report, one of the principals of the investment group is willing to put a lot at stake to turn this supposed dream match into a reality. “The combined purses offered are approaching $200 million,” said M. Akbar Muhammad, a representative of the group. “And, rest assured, we have the resources to do just that.” There is a catch, however. According to Muhammad, they, in turn, would want to be a part of Mayweather’s potential march to a 50-0 record. Furthermore, they would also want to be tied-up with all of Mayweather Promotions’ future business endeavors. “I began my boxing career working with Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time,” he adds. “Now I’m coming full circle, hopefully, to work with Floyd Mayweather, the best ever.”

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