REPORT: Floyd Mayweather called in for questioning after witnessing murder-suicide

Milan Ordoņez on Dec 10, 2014 12:17 PM
Mayweather to be questioned after witnessing murder-sucide
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MANILA – 2014 has not been good for Floyd Mayweather’s personal life, so far.

After enduring charges of domestic violence from former partner Shantel Jackson, to being called a “coward” by his own son, the reigning pound-for-pound boxing king is now being called in as a witness to a murder-suicide.

In a report by TMZ, rapper Earl Hayes contacted Mayweather through FaceTime on Monday morning, threatening to kill his wife, VH1 star Stepanie Moseley. Mayweather then pleaded for Hayes not to pull the trigger, but was unable to do so successfully. Hayes shot Moseley, before turning the gun to himself and pulling the trigger. The main reason being looked at is Hayes’ claim of Moseley’s infidelity.

The incident occurred at the upscale Palazzo Communities apartment complex in LA’s Fairfax District.

Hayes was also a part of “The Money Team”, once signed under Mayweather’s label “Philthy Rich Records.”

For the undefeated boxer’s part, he has not divulged how much of the incident he actually saw, but he did acknowledge being a first-hand witness.

In another report by KTLA, officers arrived at the scene at around 7:30 am after a resident heard a woman screaming, followed by “up to 10” gunshots soon after.

Mayweather, who is said to be “in a state of shock”, will now be called in for questioning by the Los Angeles Police Department. Whether or not it will affect any further business dealings in terms of how his boxing career goes is still undetermined, as of this posting. 


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