Roy Jones Jr. to Mayweather: ‘He’s a boring crybaby’

Milan Ordoñez on Dec 23, 2014 10:18 PM
Roy Jones Jr. to Mayweather: ‘He’s a boring crybaby’
Photo credit: Roy Jones Jr. Official Facebook fan page

MANILA – Four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. has some choice words for Floyd Mayweather. And they were not pretty.

In a statement he made for SuperStarNewsTV, “Captain Hook” (59-8, 42 wins by knockout) first blasted the reigning pound-for-pound boxing king for his fighting style.

“He’s so boring that if he beats Pacquiao, he’s irrelevant then,” Jones said. “Because if he beats Manny Pacquiao, who else do we want to see Floyd Mayweather fight? Or dance with, I should say? He danced with Maidana for twenty-four rounds.

The 45-year old boxing legend, who is still in active competition along with his post at the broadcast booth for HBO Boxing further took shots at Mayweather, who was allegedly bitten on the hand by Marcos Maidana during their rematch in September.

“The most exciting thing that happened was that Maidana bit him and he didn’t even draw blood. And he's screaming,” he continued. “At least Tyson bit some of Holyfield’s ear off. At least he had to go to surgery. He didn't draw blood."

"And he’s crying to the referee - 'he bit me, he bit me.’ That’s the highlight of twenty-four rounds of boxing, from pound for pound, supposedly, the best fighter in the world. What the hell are we doing now?” Jones adds.

Jones also went along with the general public’s notion that Mayweather’s record would be bearing an asterisk if he ends up not being able to face Pacquiao. But he did note that “Money May” would have defeated “Pacman” if they had fought each other years ago.

“To his defense, had he beat Pacquiao earlier he could have retired earlier, because he’s so boring that we wouldn’t stay awake to watch him fight nobody else.”


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