Rios annihilates Alvarado in three rounds

Milan Ordoņez on Jan 25, 2015 12:47 PM
Rios annihilates Alvarado in three rounds
Photo credit: Chris Farina/Top Rank Boxing Facebook Page

MANILA – Brandon Rios has put the exclamation mark on his three-year rivalry with Mike Alvarado.

“Bam Bam” (33-2-1, with 24 victories by knockout) punished “Mile High” (34-4, with 23 victories by knockout) in a one-sided nine-minute contest, much to the sheer disappointment of Alvarado’s fellow Denver, Colorado natives in attendance.

Right off the bat, Rios was relentless with his attacks as he brought the fight within clinch range, a distance he is known to be comfortable with. Surprisingly, despite two grueling battles, Alvarado appeared to be flustered by such attacks from his opponent.

Seemingly done out of frustration and to kill off Rios’ momentum, Alvarado threw a blatant low blow in the middle of the second round. But as the third round rang in, Rios continued his onslaught of upper cuts in the pocket, with one of them sending Alvarado down to the canvas.

As Alvarado and his corner prepped themselves for the fourth stanza, the ringside doctor stepped in and recommended to put the fight to the halt, given the incessant blows by Rios that went unanswered. The referee willingly obliged, ending the fight officially.

For Rios, who landed 120 out of his 290 punches, the fight was a huge statement that vindicated himself from his latest subpar performances.

"I had to come prepared, because this could have been the end of my career,” Rios told HBO broadcast panelist Jim Lampley during the post-fight interview. "I have a lot of gas in my tank still, and I didn't want that."

On the other hand, Alvarado, who had an abysmal punch output of 20 out of 87, promised to bounce back after his third consecutive career loss.

"I'm not done yet at all,” said Alvarado, amidst the boos and jeers of his home crowd. "I'm far from being at my best. I'll be back. I guarantee everyone here that I'll be back.”

With the victory, Rios now holds the WBO International welterweight title.

ABS-CBN Sports+Action channel 23 will air Alvarado vs. Rios 3 on January 25, Sunday at 9 p.m. 


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