Foreign boxers looking to make a statement at Pinoy Pride 29

Santino Honasan on Feb 06, 2015 09:41 PM
Foreign Boxers looking to make a Statement at Pinoy Pride 29
"I didn't come all the way from Mexico to lose." - Cesar "El Dolar" Chavez

The Mexicans have made it clear that they’ll be going for the knockout.

A cast of foreign sluggers, led by main eventer Cesar “El Dolar” Chavez of Mexico will be heading into the USEP Gym this Saturday with one thing one their minds, and that’s to come out of Pinoy Pride 29 with a win inside enemy territory.

Easier said than done however, this is a feat that not a lot of people can lay claim to. Many have tried, and many have fallen at the hands of our Filipino boxers.

“I didn’t come all the way from Mexico to lose.” Chavez told the press during last Thursday’s press conference.

“It’s very motivating for me to represent my country in a fight like this. It’s my own blood that I’m fighting for.” Chavez added in an interview with ABS-CBN Sports. A 31-fight veteran with most of his experience coming in his native of Mexico, “El Dolar” will be fighting in the Philippines for the first time as he takes on Jason “El Nino” Pagara for the WBO International Junior Welterweight crown in the main event.

Coming into a fight and knowing that the crowd will be firmly against you can be a very rattling experience for some, but it becomes a thriving environment for others. Co-main eventer Juan Luis “Perla Negra” Hernandez says that he isn’t at all worried as he gets set to perform in front of a pro-Filipino crowd in Davao City. “I feel no pressure because in the ring, there’s only me and my opponent. If I come well prepared, then there’s no need to feel the pressure.” Hernandez told ABS-CBN Sports. Hernandez will also be competing outside of his home country for the first time, as he challenges Genesis “Azukal” Servania for the WBO Intercontinental Junior Featherweight title.

To those who have been able to come and conquer someone in their own territory, the victory is most certainly a bit sweeter and a bit more gratifying. This is something that fuels veteran Julio Cesar “Pingo” Miranda as he looks to emerge victorious over “King” Arthur Villanueva. “For me, it’s motivation to fight, for myself and for my country, as well as to come well prepared for a fight this big.” Miranda told ABS-CBN Sports. A 51-fight veteran, Miranda has showcased his talents all over the world, and Saturday’s clash will be his second time fighting in the country. Back in 2012, Miranda fought and lost to Rodel Mayol in Pasig.

Two more international talents have come to the Philippines in search of a win as Thailand’s Sukkasem Keityongyuth makes his Philippine debut against Mark Magnifico Magsayo, while Indonesia’s Stevi Ongen Ferdinandus will be looking to silence the crowd against Arjan “Spartan” Canillas.

Catch Pinoy Pride 29: Fists of Fury this Sunday, February 8, 10:45 am on ABS-CBN channel 2 and 9:00 pm on ABS-CBN Sports + Action channel 23!

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